Noel Consorcio Serrano Ham Reserva Leg, 14 lbs Noel Consorcio Jamon Serrano Bone-In Ham Leg 14 lbsAged For A Minimum of 12 MonthsCured in the Pyrenees with.

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Case Sale Tarantino Breakfast Pork Sausage Links, 30 lbs. Products from £10 to £50. This Jamon Serrano Ham comes with a stand & the knife! Talk about having everything in 1 kit.

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. Basco are UK importers of Spanish Serrano cured hams which include; Somalo Serrano Gran Reserva ham legs, Sliced. Tasting notes: Bold color, intense aroma, pungent buttery flavor and very rich on the palate.

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7,5 kg. Iberico and Serrano Ham We have the best Jamon Iberico and Jamon Serrano imported from Spain CINCO JOTAS (5J), Fermin, Redondo Iglesias and also Jamon Serrano Doña Juana Made in USA.

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99 Taste for Luxury Charcuterie Board Kit 2.
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The pork meat is first cleaned and trimmed.

5 lb minimum. Item 47740. The tradition of consuming Serrano ham has its origin in the year 1100, when Serrano ham was established in the Iberian Peninsula thanks to the Phoenicians.

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Flamenca eggs are a typical dish from Andalucia and work perfectly as brunch or mid-week dish.

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